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Demone Harris: How it all came together.

by Dani Merritt |

Demone Harris is one of the nicest guys we have ever worked with. He’s an NFL Super Bowl Champion, linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs. We’ve made suits for him since 2020, early in the season. We were referred to him through a teammate of his that we made suits for. Since day one, Demone has been the coolest pro athlete to work with. The first suit we made for him was a beige basic FULLFLEX suit, at his request. 
We made this one while he was in Kansas City and we were in Ohio. Our team that handles design is in London and Dubai, so we all had to come together, get his accurate sizing, which he already had done, I handled the sketch work, passed it along to my team and they took care of the rest. Once complete, it comes back to us in Ohio to finalize with bagging and approval and we send to the customer. 

Demone loved it. So much that he ordered two more suits from us for road games in the season. Those were done the exact same way, and with us already having his measurements, we delivered in a shorter time frame. 

The next design was insane...a Joker styled suit for Halloween.  Demone knew exactly what he wanted, and we put it together for him. The pants were high cut, on purpose to match the style of the comic villain. Demone made ESPN and won Best Dressed with the suit. He also won awards online as well. It was talked about a lot and we loved every second of it. 

He wore another one of the suits for his engagement photoshoot with his beautiful wife, Arianna. Every time he wore suits, he tagged us and we reposted. Lots of customers started to inquire about getting their wedding suits done, which made us very happy. Demone has brought us a lot of attention, and we appreciate it. 

The most recent order was not just for Demone, but for Arianna as well! Both wanted items to wear for their destination wedding in Maui in February of this year. Demon requested a custom White jacket with Black Velvet accents, black trousers, no cuff and Arianna requested a 90% shear dress with a corset styled design. The tuxedo wasn’t a problem, but the dress? This was our first time designing a dress, but we accepted the challenge. 

Arianna wasn’t where we were, so we took her measurements, sketched out the dress, sent it to our team in London and they brought the dress to life in a matter of weeks. We made the garment exactly the way she wanted and she loved it! It wasn’t for her ceremony, it was for their additional shoot while in Maui. They sent us images and video from both and to see it on her, it meant the world to our entire team.

Demone loved his tux and wore it well on his wedding day. I’m grateful to have connected with Demone, he’s such a cool gent. Hopefully, we design more suits for him and many more this upcoming season. We love the process and most importantly, the outcome! We’ve never had to fix an issue, the suits have been perfect for every customer, as they should, being custom. I enjoy sketching and always have since childhood. Never did I ever think I’d design suits and gowns, it’s truly a blessing for which I am extremely grateful.