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How-To Guide: Repair broken seats in your favorite jeans

by Dani Merritt |

We’ve gotten so many emails about this issue from gents, worldwide. Rips in denim are hot and everywhere right now. But rips in the crotch? I’ve seen some guys pull this off, but I don’t recommend wearing this style. When the seat of the pants begins to rip, it’s time to repair, before it’s too late. The best thing about all this? You can do it yourself! You can even cover rips in the knees if you’re tired of the look. The Rip & Repair look is pretty popular now as well.


Here’s a quick fix to seat rips in your denim:

  1. Visit your local fabric store and ask them for denim fabric that matches the color of your jeans. It doesn’t have to be an exact match because your crotch area is rarely seen, so a close enough color will work. You don’t need much, only about 5x5” or 6x6”.
  2. While still at the local fabric store, ask them for glue. Fabric glue. Any standard fabric glue will work.
  3. Turn denim inside out and make sure your fabric fits and covers the hole(s). Add glue to the edges of the denim fabric piece and place over the holes. Hold for at least 30-45 seconds to make sure it sticks and stays in place.
  4. This is optional, but you can take an iron on the lowest setting and place it on the glued patch for :45-1:00.
  5. Lastly, try on the denim, squat, sit, do everything possible to make sure the fabric is locked in place and holes are covered.


If all else fails or this is too much to do, you can visit a local tailor shop for replacement. Old jeans look the best so don’t worry about how many holes you have to replace, they’re amazing to have in your wardrobe.