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Style Icon: Gary Clark Jr.

by Dani Merritt |

His own of a kind style sense, his undeniable swagger, his amazing career, his beautiful family, Gary Clark Jr is a man that can say he has it all in life. We’re huge fans of his, and hope to one day sign him as a brand ambassador.

I first came across Gary in 2012 after listening to his Black and Blu album. I believe that’s his first. The song I heard was “Ain’t Messin’ around. Instantly, I went to search for videos of his, mainly to put a face to the music. I truly appreciate guys like Gary. The first thing I noticed was his laid back swagger and style. Loose fitting tees and used looking denim are some of his favorites. His clothes honestly look like he rolls out of bed and grabs the first thing he sees, but it’s incredible how he makes the most simple garments have so much flavor.

Gary to me is a blend of Jimi Hendrix, Sly Stone and Lenny Kravitz. I truly love guys like this. Whatever he wears, he’s comfortable. When you’re comfortable, you’re your most confident. He does this effortlessly, which to me, is the best when it comes to style. He’s worn several of our Raw Edge Tees over the years, which we are extremely grateful for.

I can’t see him in anything other than what he wears. It fits his personality. If you’ve never heard his music, I urge you to give him a listen. You may see him as a brand ambassador of ours one day soon. Let’s hope.