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Life in Style: Paris, France

by Dani Merritt |

Parisian street style is renowned for its effortless and timeless elegance. Parisians tend to focus on quality pieces that will last for years, rather than following fleeting trends.

Here's a breakdown of some key elements that define Parisian street style:

Neutrals: Parisians love a good neutral color palette, with navy, black, beige, and white being the most popular choices. These colors can be easily mixed and matched, creating versatile outfits that can be dressed up or down.

Classic staples: A Parisian wardrobe is built around classic staples like the trench coat, traditional biker styled jackets, the Breton stripe shirt, and the well-fitting pair of jeans. These pieces never go out of style and can be worn in countless ways, which is a lot of the reason why we appreciate them. 

Accessories: Parisians are masters of accessorizing. They use scarves, belts, hats, + more to add unique personality and polish to their look. A statement fedora or a pair of statement sunglasses can really make an outfit. Once again, pride in their everyday style is what makes Parisians stand out in the world of fashion, especially menswear.

Tailoring: Parisians appreciate good tailoring. A well-tailored piece can elevate even the simplest outfit. They take pride in their everyday attire, something we greatly appreciate + love to see.

Effortless look: Above all, Parisian style is about looking effortless. Parisians don't try too hard. They simply put on clothes that make them feel good and confident. A lot of our customers are from Paris, which lets us know that they appreciate the craftsmanship we put into our garments & accessories. 

The overall style of Parisians and many others across the world inspire us at EC77. When it comes to the pieces we create, we take from places all around the world, including them in our collections, which gentleman appreciate. Despite being headquartered in the USA, our pieces sell all over the world.

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