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The Raw Edge T-Shirt: How & Why?

by Dani Merritt |

When I created the raw edge t-shirt in 2012, my goal was to open the neck. I’m an avid t-shirt collector(vintage, comic book styles), and I cannot stand the thick and heavy collar around my throat. Sometimes it feels like it’s choking me. I sketched out the first one in the summer of ‘12 with the muse of David Beckham in mind. David Beckham is one of my favorites when it comes to style. He always looks relaxed, no matter what he’s wearing. This is what I had in mind when designing. Freedom. Relaxation.

I sent the first few samples to a few pals of mine at the time in the National Football League, players from the Arizona Cardinals and the New York Jets. I also asked my husband to try them. He’s 6’6”, a former football player himself, with the wider neck. He also hates the chokehold collars and the heavyweight t-shirts. He loved them, but some of the players didn’t like them at first. One in particular suggested that we not produce them in mass, no one would wear them.

Thank goodness for confidence! We produced them anyway. And they became a staple in mens fashion. The orders came flying in once we launched them in early 2013. We made them tri-blend, lighter in weight and form fitting to the body. Men love the freedom around the neck as well as the open sleeves and hem, friendly to stretch in the right areas.

We shot the shirts on a friend of ours from the Miami Dolphins at the time and after that, the orders didn’t stop.

11 years later, and the Raw Edge shirts are still on the shelves, the brands bestselling garment. We expanded the collection by adding hoodies, henley shirts, tank tops, even Crewnecks and they are also selling very well, to the point that we are launching stores for just the Raw Edged goods.

I didn’t think that they would be such a hit, but they are and we are very happy about it. With over 30 colors in the bestseller, all kinds of gents from pro athletes to realtors, doctors and entrepreneurs are our clientele for the garments. We will always carry them and plan to expand the collection into things like bedding and other home goods for gents very soon.

Thank you to everyone that has ordered the Raw Edged goods from the brand. Send us feedback. We’d love to hear about what we should try next with the concept. More to come!