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Simple Summer Style for Gents.

by Dani Merritt |

As we move into the insane summer temperatures(80-100+), the most important thing for gents is keeping cool while maintaining style. We’re here to help.

We’re also in a tough economic time, so style isn’t a big priority as much as it would normally be, but for those that still take pride in a time like this but have a tight budget, go simple by choosing colors over designs. Stick to the basics by keeping a great solid t-shirt collection. Make sure the shirts are light and form fitting. Not to toot our own horn, but the raw edge t-shirts are a great addition to your summer wardrobe. They go good with almost anything.

If your budget is too tight for our products, try something simple like a department store or even your local Target or Walmart, but make sure your garments are light and airy. Breathable clothing goes a long way in the summer heat.

Shades. Keep shades close. Doesn’t matter the style, as long as you have the solid colors(blacks, browns), you’re good to go. Keep the sporty orange lenses for baseball games or family fun events. When focusing on your style, keep it simple with a basic wayfarer.

For below the waist, go linen if you want to keep the most cool. Linen is thin, light and breathable. If you can’t grab linen, opt for a lighter cotton or a cotton/poly blend. Nylon shorts are for the water, we don’t recommend wearing them on a regular due to their lack of air flow. Organic cotton would be great also. French Terry, an organic cotton, would be perfect as well.

Opt for lighter socks in the summer or none at all, allowing the feet to feel the summer sun and air. Sandals are better than slides, but whatever your preference, let the feet breathe this summer.

If you have to wear shoes, simple casual sneakers can’t be beat. Your feet will get hot quicker in sneakers, but style is style, and some are willing to deal with it.

Keep the head cool with a hat as well. Make sure the material is weather friendly as well(Cotton, French Terry, linen).

For more assistance on summer style, contact us anytime. Oh! The discount code! Use the code EC7725 at checkout today and save 25% on your order. Add the code FREESHIP and the delivery is on us. 🖤 📦