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Style Icon: Big Game Edition: Harrison Butker

by Dani Merritt |

A bonus this week for the Big Game! Are you watching tonight? I will be tuning in as an avid football fan. As a style connoisseur, one player in particular has stood out all season in the NFL. 

Harrison Butker is the kicker for the Kansas City Chiefs. You may know him, you may not. If you do, you’re probably smiling right now because he’s finally getting some noteworthy attention for his keen sense of style. Truly a sight to see. If you aren’t familiar with him, get to know him. Follow him on social media, @buttkicker7. The suits, the fit, the swag, everything. He’s our best dressed athlete of the year, by far. 🏆! 


Whether he’s dressing down in a topcoat and denim, or upscale in a tailored suit, no one does it better than #7. No one is touching this man in the style game, not in sports. 

Harrison, if you end up seeing this post, we thank you for appreciating style and doing it oh so well. If you ever need an endorsement deal, we’re always by the phone. Good luck to Harrison and the Chiefs tonight in the Big Game.