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Style Guide: More than sweats in the pandemic

by Dani Merritt |

Since most of us have been stuck at home much more than normal, dealing with our little ones 24/7, even working from home, sweatpants & hoodies have been a go-to for our daily wardrobe. Why not? They’re comfortable, loose fitting and no matter how many pounds we pack on, they’re still there for us.

Wait, what? We don’t need that! Not every day!!

Its important that in this time, we have garments we can wear to let us know how much weight we’ve put on. If not, by the time we’re all free to move as we please again, they’ll be buttering the sides of the door just to get us out! With things like exercise bikes selling out left and right, it’s great to see that people are conscious of their health and doing their best to maintain and even lose weight right now. Adding other items to your wardrobe might help as well. Sweats are very comfortable, but we need more. 

Here are a few items that you can add without breaking the bank:

1. Polyester Crewnecks & Hoodies - Polyester fabric has less stretch, but still can be comfortable. Several brands offer garments like this for affordable prices. All over sublimated items usually are Poly based. Wearing one of these instead of the standard will keep us in check, not allowing us to gain too much weight. Once it becomes too tight, there’s your wake up call. Our all over Camo print hoodie is available now. 

2. Stretch Denim - A favorite for our customers, guys appreciate the stretch denim and chino. It has a slight give, mainly for squatting & sitting comfortably, but it doesn’t allow you to gain weight and still fit the pants. Add these to your wardrobe for comfort and awareness. Twill joggers with stretch are perfect for lounging but not letting go of yourself. Visit our shop to order if you’re in need. 

3. Adding Knots to your sweats(if you refuse to change) - If you absolutely love your sweats and want to keep them on, help yourself by adding solid knots to the string of the pants. The knot will help you maintain your waistline. Avoid sweats without string, they can stretch almost 6” from the starting point. Sounds like a little, but 6” is a lot on the scale. Easy to pack on, hard to lose. 

As the doc says, watch the BMI. Take care of yourself in this time especially. Stay active. Walk around the house every hour or so, add exercise equipment like bikes and rowing machines and do your best to maintain a healthy diet. Take it from someone in the weight loss fight right now, it’s not easy. Stay healthy guys. Very important and a huge boost in the fight against Covid-19.