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End Fast Fashion : Save the Planet. Earth Day.

by Dani Merritt |

Fast fashion is appealing to many, especially those who frequent social media. Apps like Instagram and Tiktok have people in a frenzy to own the latest styles, mostly from fast fashion stores that produce hundreds of thousands of garments in tiny factories where workers are not only underpaid and overworked, but are exposed to tons of chemicals and getting very sick. 

The disposal of leftover styles that are no longer wanted after a week due to the constant hunger for more on social media has severely contributed to the damage of our planet. Those clothes end up in landfills. This is why we choose a different approach. Using different earth friendly fabrics, minimizing production to an as needed quantity, things like this not only save our brand overhead costs, they also help save the planet. Even more changes for us are coming, starting May 1st. 

We ask you to please stop shopping with fast fashion stores. Yes, the apparel is very cheap, usually only a few dollars more than what they pay to have it made, but the consequences are massive and I’m sure that if most could see that up close, people wouldn’t be so quick to shop there. 

Buy vintage. Buy quality that lasts. Ask brands about fabrics they use. Ask them about their production policies. Do your part to help save our planet. We are doing ours.