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We are proud to launch EC77 Gaming, our Sponsorship/Endorsement Program for up and coming gamers/streamers. We are signing gamers to endorsement deals and working with them on merchandising. We currently have several signed to the team but we are always looking to work with more. There are 3 tiers to choose from, levels are based on your following and engagement rates. 

We are currently working with “SoCaLove” , a popular gamer that streams on YouTube 7 days a week. He’s a hard worker and is dedicated to growing his brand. We create, sell, produce, package and ship all of his Merch, ordered by fans through our website. SoCa is a Tier 3 sponsor. His consistency to his channel and engagement rates are extremely high and for that reason, he’s featured on our website and his Merch is sold here. 

If you’re passionate about your platform, your brand and want to grow with us, contact us! Let’s discuss. Whether you have 100 or 10,000 followers, you may be a fit for an endorsement deal! Contact us today!