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Our Latest Commercial: Why it’s necessary.

by Dani Merritt |

Our latest commercial drops on March 10th, 2021. Unlike most commercials for clothing brands, showcasing the latest designs with no story behind the message, we’ve decided to take a different approach, giving a look inside the real issues surrounding minority owned small businesses and their owners. 

As you probably already know, we’re minority owners behind this company. As a woman founder, it’s been extremely tough in the fashion world with everything from ambassador signings to funding. People don’t expect it to be a woman behind a predominant menswear brand. I never knew any of that prior to starting and had I known, I may have gone another route with my journey. 

The commercial is :45. It features a young black male model that is stressed out. He’s doing everything to get his brand seen, worn, talked about, yet the setbacks he faces are astronomical and tough to carry. He’s seen taking several deep breaths while hearing things playback in his mind like getting declined on bank funding, friends not supporting, family attempting to redirect his journey and more. At the end, he reaches a boiling point. 


I decided on this commercial because it’s exactly how I’ve felt in the pursuit to success. Everything that’s said in the commercial, I’ve been told. Minority owners face extreme hardships along the way and over 90% of us do not make it. There’s not just systemic setback, our families and friends usually are non-supportive as well which makes the climb that much harder. 

I truly hope that more people understand the journey and support our funding campaign after seeing the commercial. We plan to do more like this along with some traditional styled ones in between. The commercial will air on cable television(mostly late night, early morning), YouTube & Hulu. There will be an extended version of the commercial on our YouTube page a few days after the release.